This design is new and revised as of 9-5-2013
2in - 2.06" x 2.06" 2759 Stitches
3in - 3.01" x 3.01" 5149 Stitches
4x4 - 3.84" x 3.84" 5436 Stitches
5x7 - 4.85" x 4.85" 7802 Stitches
6x10 - 5.95" x 5.95" 9465 Stitches

You will get this in sizes: 2in, 3in, 4x4 hoop, 5x7 hoop and 6x10 hoop.  This comes in Satin stitch AND Zigzag stitch finishing options. 

The 2in and 3in sizes have filled in black squares or patches on the soccer ball and are not applique, only the ball itself is applique.  The 4x4 hoop, 5x7 hoop and 6x10 hoop are full applique. 
Price:$4.00 Sale! $2.00